Screen capture from the Barking Abbey Plays, one of the productions from the Medieval Convent Drama Project

Friday 12 – Saturday 13 April 2019


Peoples and Places: Networks, Communities, and Early Theatre


University of Fribourg, Switzerland




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Friday 12th April 2019
University of Fribourg, Espace Güggi, MIS08 [View Map]

8.45-9.00 Registration and welcome    (Espace Güggi)


9.00-10.30 Performance and Place    (Espace Güggi)
Jamie Beckett:
‘Fleecing the Shepherds? Hubs and Hinterlands in the York & Towneley Plays’
Gillian Redfern::
‘The Yorkshire Moors: They Are What They Eat’
Clare Egan:
‘Defamatory Performances: People and Places’


10.30-11.00 Coffee/Tea break (Espace Güggi)


11.00-12.00 Uniting Communities Through Theatre     (Espace Güggi)
Pamela King:
‘Exploring Networks of Shared Texts: Christ before the Doctors in the York, Towneley, and Coventry MSS’
Sarah Carpenter:
‘Courtly Communities and the Performance of Chivalry’


12.15-14.00 Lunch    (University of Fribourg, Mensa MIS07)


14.00-15.30 Introduction and Performance of Origny Play    (University Chapel MIS06)


15.30-16.00 Tea/coffee break (Espace Güggi)


16.00-17.30 International Theatre     (Espace Güggi)
Nadia van Pelt:
‘Eroticism and theatrical sexuality in Early European Mary Magdalen plays’
Lucy Deacon:
‘Introducing the Iranian Ta’ziyeh Cycle: Patronage, Prohibition, Actors and Exchange’
Marija Krnic:
‘Local and Global Networks in the Dalmatian Saints’ Plays’


18.00-19.00 Apéro and AGM     (Restaurant Le Mondial)
19.15 Dinner     (Restaurant Le Mondial)

Saturday 13th April 2019

9.30-11.00 Adapting To An Audience    (Espace Güggi)
Daisy Black:
‘A God’s-Eye View? Foreknowledge and Collaborative Practices of Anticipation in the York Fall of the Angels
Camille Marshall::
‘Towneley Resurrected: Textual Relationships and Sixteenth-Century Reception’
Tamara Haddad:
‘Particularity and Locality: York Trial Pageants and the York Minster Gates’


11.00-11.30 Coffee/tea break (Espace Güggi)


11.30-12.30 Civic and Political Networks    (Espace Güggi)
Richard Beadle:
‘Common clerks and drama in some late medieval English towns’
Greg Walker::
‘John Heywood's Interludes: Comedy and Community in a time of Crisis’


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