City maps from John Speed Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine (1611/12),
with pageant stations superimposed. © Meg Twycross.

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    • Videos of research productions:
      • EDOX: John Bale Three Laws, William Gager Dido
      • Medieval Convent Drama: Costume demos for The Barking Abbey Elevatio and Visitatio Sepulchri; The Huy Nativities, the Digby Killing of the Children and Presentation in the Temple
      • Staging the Henrician Court: John Heywood The Play of the Weather, John Skelton Magnyfycence,
      • Staging the Scottish Court: Sir David Lyndsay Ane Satire of the Thrie Estaits, The Interlude of 1540.
      • Joculatores Lancastrienses [clips]: R.B. Apius and Virginia, John Redford Wit and Science, Terence That Girl from Andros, Henry Medwall Fulgens & Lucres, Chester Purification and Doctors, York Resurrection, York Hortulanus, N.Town Mary Play
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