Civic worthies from the Leuven Ommegang drawn by Willem Boonen; from the Liber Boonen (1594).

The Committee for the Society consists of the following roles (with members for 2018):

  • Chair: Clare Wright
  • Journal Editors: Sarah Carpenter, Gordon Kipling, Meg Twycross
  • Treasurer: James McBain
  • Secretary: Charlotte Steenbrugge
  • Conference Secretary: Sue Niebrzydowski
  • Current conference host: Charlotte Steenbrugge
  • Previous conference hosts: Pamela M. King; Eila Williamson
  • Two society members: Elisabeth Dutton, Garrett Epp
  • Representative of the Social Media sub-group:
          one of: Nadia van Pelt, Clare Egan, Jason Burg, Tamara Haddad.

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