Three Warnings: Lot's wife, the Magi warned by an angel, the Prophet and King Jeroboam: typological stained glass (1178-1180),
North Choir Aisle, North Window, Canterbury Cathedral . Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

19 March 2016


Transnational Drama


This year the Medieval English Theatre Meeting on Transnational Drama
will be hosted by Clare Wright at the University of Kent at Canterbury


It will be preceded on Friday March 18th by a Postgraduate and Early Career Symposium
hosted by The Early English Drama & Performance Network.

Draft Programme

Friday 18th March

19.30 Early English Drama & Performance Network Dinner and
Performance of Marge and Jules by Mairin O’Hagan and Sarah Anson, at Café du Soleil.
All METh delegates invited.

Saturday 19th March
Transnational Drama

9.00-9.30 Registration: Keynes College Atrium


9.30-11.00 Panel 1: Keynes College Lecture Theatre 2
  James McBain (Fribourg):
‘George Gascoigne at Oxford’
  Tom Pettit (University of Southern Denmark):
‘Carnevale in Norwich, 1443: Gladman’s Parade and its Continental Connections’
  Peter Happé (Southampton):
‘Polemical and theatrical translation in Interludes: Everyman, John John and Jack Juggler’


11.00-11.30 Coffee/Tea break: Keynes College Atrium


11.30-13.00 Panel 2 Keynes College Lecture Theatre 2
  Jamie Beckett (Durham):
Pendens super feretrum: National Identity, the Vita Aelredi and the York Funeral of the Virgin
  Mark Chambers (Durham):
‘French Conjurors, Scots Ministralli and an Italian Serpent in Durham: “Foreign” performers at the court of the Prince-Bishops’
  Thomas Betteridge (Brunel):
‘‘Scottish National Identity in Ane Satyre of Thrie Estaitis’’


13.00-14.00 Lunch: Keynes College Atrium


14.00-15.30 Panel 3: Keynes College Lecture Theatre 2
  Lindsey Drury (Kent):
‘Diseases Know No Borders: St. Vitus Dance and the Ambiguity of Infectiousness’
  Nadia van Pelt (Leiden) & Clare Egan (Huddersfield):
‘Meanings of Time and Self in the Drama of Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe’
  Stephanie Allen (Fribourg):
to be announced


15.30-16.15 Coffee break and walk over to Darwin College, Peter Brown Room


16.30-17.15 Darwin College Peter Brown Room
  Elisabeth Dutton (Fribourg) Director, Tamara Haddad (Kent) SM:
Performance of John of Beverley
Mairin O’Hagan, Sarah Anson, Aurélie Blanc, Tim Lodge (actors)


17.15-18.00 Business Meeting


19.00 Dinner at Chapman’s Seafood Bar and Brasserie (to be booked)

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