According to the Ancient Custom


Essays presented to David Mills, Part One


edited Phil Butterworth, Pamela M. King, & Meg Twycross

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AUTHOR TITLE                 Pages
Editorial: David Mills, with a bibliography
Summary and PDF
3 – 16
Elizabeth Baldwin ‘Making a Song and Dance About It’: (Self) Presentation in ‘The Ballad of John Spenser, The Cheshire Gallant’
Summary and PDF
17 – 26
John Marshall ‘Walking in the air’: the Chester Shepherds on stilts.
Summary and PDF
27 – 41
Sally-Beth MacLean In Search of Lord Strange: Dynamic Patronage in the North West
Summary and PDF
42 – 59
Pamela M. King Playing Pentecost in York and Chester: Transformations and Texts
Summary and PDF
60 – 74
Peter Meredith The Sealing of the Tomb: N. Town and its Context
Summary and PDF
75 – 88
Barbara Palmer Cycling through High Water to Hell
Summary and PDF
89 – 103
Sarah Carpenter To thexaltacyon of noblesse': a herald's account of the marriage of Margaret Tudor and James IV
Summary and PDF
104 – 120
Meg Twycross The King’s Peace and the Play: the York Corpus Christi Eve Proclamation
Summary and PDF
121 – 150

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