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AUTHOR TITLE                 Pages
David Mills The ‘Now’ of ‘Then’.       Summary and PDF 3 – 12
Pamela M. King The York Plays and the Feast of Corpus Christi: a Reconsideration.      PDF 13 – 32
Janette Dillon Performance Time: Suggestions for a Methodology of Analysis       PDF 33 — 51
Greg Walker ‘Faill Nocht to Teme your Bleddir’: Passing Time in Sir David Lindsay’s Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaitis       Summary and PDF

52 – 58
Yoshimichi Suematsu A Report on the Children’s Kabuki in Tonami and Komatsu, Japan      PDF 59 – 69
Thomas Pettitt ‘This Man is Pyramus’: A Pre-history of the English Mummers’ Plays      PDF 70 – 99
Joanna Mattingly Lollards Stop Play? a Curious Case of Non-Performance in 1505      PDF 100 – 111
Paulette Marty The Coventry Hock Tuesday Play: Its Origin and Relationship to Hocktide      PDF 112 – 126
Eila Williamson Drama and Entertainment in Peebles in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries Summary and PDF 127 – 144
Sarah Carpenter & Graham Runnalls The Entertainments at the Marriage of Mary Queen of Scots and the French Dauphin François, 1558: Paris and Edinburgh      PDF 145 – 161

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