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CONTENTS: Volume 6:1
AUTHOR TITLE                 Pages
Derek Forbes A Note on Pageant Waggons 4
Nicholas Davis The Meaning of the Word Interlude 5–15
Thomas Pettitt Tudor Interludes and the Winter Revels 16–27
Anthony W. Divett An Early Reference to Devil’s Masks 28–30
Peter Meredith ‘Fart Pryke in Cule’ and Cock-Fighting 30–39
David Mills Part Two of Medwall’s Nature (review of Salford production) 40–42
Peter Happé Marlowe’s Dr Faustus at Cambridge (review) 42–44
Peter Meredith Medwall’s Fulgens and Lucres (review of Joculatores Lancastrienses) 44–48
Jane Oakshott Man’s Desire and Fleeting Beauty and The Blessed Apple Tree (review) 49–51
Meg Twycross The Great Theatre of the World adapted from Calderón’s El Gran Teatro del Mundo (review of Medieval Players) 51–58
David Mills The Creation and Fall (review of Liverpool production) 59–60
Nicholas Davis Allusions to Medieval Drama in Britain (4) InterludeS 61–91


CONTENTS: Volume 6:2
AUTHOR TITLE                 Pages
Isa Ragusa Goethe’s ‘Women’s Parts Played by Men in the Roman Theatre 96–100
Jocelyn Price Theatrical Vocabulary in Old English (2) 101–125
John McKinnell Staging the Digby Mary Magdalen 126–152
David Taylor ‘The Tyres that were Lost’ 153–158
Nicholas Davis Allusions to Medieval Drama in Britain (5) additional Old English 159–160
Ruth Evans The Play of Daniel in Ripon Cathedral (review) 161–162
John Anderson John Skelton’s Magnificence at Edinburgh (review) 162–163
Sarah Carpenter Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaits (review) 163–168
Pamela M. King & Diana Wyatt Chanticleer and the Fox, The Shepherds’ Play (review) 168–172

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Volume Six (1984)

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