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CONTENTS: Volume 5:1
AUTHOR TITLE                 Pages
David Mills Characterisation in the English Mystery Cycles 5–17
Sarah Carpenter Morality-Play Characters 18–28
Sarah Carpenter The Chester Cycle at Leeds, 30 April–2 May 1983 (review) 29–35
Meg Twycross The Chester Plays at Chester, 26 June 1983 (review) 36–42
Peter Meredith Stray Thoughts on Chester 1983, 26 June 1983 (review) 43–44
David Mills The Chester Cycle of Mystery Plays, PLS, Toronto, 21–23 May 1983 (review) 44–51
Peter Meredith The Killing of the Children at Winchester Cathedral, 26–28 May 1983 (review) 51–52
Bill Tydeman Stanislavski in the Garden of Gethsemane 53–57
Jocelyn Price Theatrical Vocabulary in Old English: Allusions Findings List (2) 58–71
Martial Rose The Magi: The Litter and the Wristed Crown 72–76


CONTENTS: Volume 5:2
AUTHOR TITLE                 Pages
Elsa Strietman Report on Colloquium on Netherlandish Drama 81–82
Nicholas Davis Allusions Findings List (3) 77–93
Stephen May Good Kings and Tyrants 87–102
Eileen White The Disappearance of the York Play Texts: The Creed Play 103–109
Peter Happé, Sarah Carpenter,
Henrietta Twycross-Martin,
Diana Wyatt, Carl Heap
Thoughts on ‘Transvestism’ by Divers Hands 110–122
Meg Twycross ‘Transvestism’ in the Mystery Plays 123–180

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Volume Five (1983)

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