Volume Twenty-Four (2002): Summaries

Sarah Carpenter

‘“My Lady Tongue”: Thomas Tomkis’s Lingua
METh 24 (2002) 3–14.


John J McGavin

‘“That Thin Skin”: Skipper Lindsay and the Language of Record’
METh 24 (2002) 15–31.


Examines an episode involving public disruption of theatre in 1580, recorded in the early-seventeenth-century memoirs of the Rev. James Melville. Issues such as memory, nostalgia, audience perceptions of theatre, and changing political contexts reveal themselves in the language of record.


Ronald E. Surtz

‘The Valencian Misteri del Rey Herodes: misogyny, politics, and caste conflict’
METh 24 (2002) 32 – 43.


Sue Niebrzydowski

‘Encouraging Marriage in facie ecclesiae: The Mary Play ‘Betrothal’ and the Sarum Ordo ad faciendum Sponsalia
METh 24 (2002) 44 – 61.


Peter Meredith and Lynette Muir

‘The Corpus Christi Bull, 1264: Latin text with modern English translation’
METh 24 (2002) 62 – 78.


Sandra Pietrini

‘Medieval Fools in Biblical Iconography’
METh 24 (2002) 79 – 103.


Olga Horner

‘The Law That Never Was — a Codicil: the case of The Just Vengeance
METh 24 (2002) 104–115.


A review of the 1948 Lichfield Cathedral performances of Dorothy L. Sayers’ play The Just Vengeance as an officially approved contravention of the Lord Chamberlain’s ban on playing God on the stage, with reproductions of contemporary newspaper reports, photographs of the set and audiences, the programme and other documents.


Jeffrey Leininger

‘The Dating of Bale’s King John: a re-examination.’
METh 24 (2002) 116 – 137.


Pamela M. King

La Festa d’Elx revisited, August 2003 (review)’
METh 24 (2002) 138 – 140.


David Mills

‘Chester Mystery Plays: Cathedral Green, Chester, 30 June-19 July 2003. Directed by Robin Goddard’
METh 24 (2002) 141–145.


Review of the Chester Festival production of the cycle.


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