Medieval English Theatre Meetings

Medieval English Theatre holds a meeting each year on the last Saturday in March, each time in a different venue. The 2015 meeting will be at the University of Southampton, on the theme of Paradigms Lost.

The format varies, but usually consists of brief papers followed by informal discussion: practical workshops and play-readings are also often included. Papers delivered at the meeting are eligible for consideration to be published in the journal. Members of the Society are automatically on the mailing list for the meetings. We also welcome non-subscribers and postgraduate students.

Please contact the Conference Secretary, Sue Niebrzydowski, School of English, Bangor University, Gwynedd, LL57 2DG:

28 March 2015

University of Southampton

Paradigms Lost

29 March 2014

Murray Edwards College, Cambridge


23 March 2013

Bangor University


31 March 2012

Magdalen College, Oxford


26 March 2011

University of Edinburgh

Texts in Plays

27 March 2010

Worcester College, Oxford

Academic and Institutional Drama

28 March 2009

Royal Holloway University of London


29 March 2008

University of Bristol

The 1490s

31 March 2007

University of Sheffield


25 March 2006

Bretton Hall, University of Leeds, Wakefield

Classical and Medieval Theatre

19 March 2005

Southampton University


27 March 2004

University College, Northampton


29 March 2003

Lancaster University

New Directions in Medieval Theatre Research

23 March 2002

University of Nottingham

Language and Languages

31 March 2001

Leicester University


25 March 2000

New Hall, Cambridge


27 March 1999

University of Edinburgh

Play in Scotland

28 March 1998

University of York

The World Upside Down

22 March 1997

Bretton Hall

Staging Plans

30 March 1996

University College of St Martin, Lancaster

Folk Drama

25 March 1995

University of Southampton

Using Early Drama Records

26 March 1994

University of Liverpool

27 March 1993

University of York

The York Corpus Christi Play

28 March 1992

University of Sheffield

Teaching Medieval Drama

23 March 1991

University of Leeds

Music and Dance

24 March 1990

Westfield College, University of London

Long and Boring Speeches

18 March 1989

University of Edinburgh

Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaits

26 March 1988

University of Durham

The 1530s

28 March 1987

Bretton Hall


22 March 1986

University of Bristol


30 March 1985

King's Manor, University of York


31 March 1984

St John's College, Cambridge

Interludes: Fulgens and Lucres

26 March 1983

University of Salford


27 March 1982

University of Liverpool

Place and Scaffold Staging

28 March 1981

Westfield College, University of London

Stage Directions

29 March 1980

University of Leeds

Props and Costumes

7 April 1979

University of Lancaster

The Pageant Waggon

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