Images from The Hague: Museum Meermanno Westreenianum MS 10 B 23, Guyart des Moulins Bible historiale;
Jean Bondel, First Master of the Bible of Jean de Sy and others (illuminators); 1371-1372.

Saturday 1 April 2023


Bodies, Embodiment, and Early Theatre


University of Birmingham


Hosted by Liv Robinson.











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9.00 onwards Coffee in Alan Walters building foyer   


9.45-10.00 Welcome (Liv Robinson, University of Birmingham)   



Panel 1: Shaping the body as signifier
Clare Egan (University of Lancaster):
          ‘Bodies and/as Texts in Libellous Performances’
Mark Chambers (University of Durham):
          ‘The Disabled Body as Performance: Disabled Performers in the Records of Early English Drama
Sadegh Attari (University of Birmingham):
          ‘Disjointed Unison: Bodily Disintegration and Subversion in the Croxton Play of the Sacrament


11.30-12.00 Coffee/Tea Break



Panel 2: Embodiment and Spectatorship
Gillian Redfern (University of Manchester):
          ‘Embodying Spritual Flux and Stasis in Mactatio Abel
Greg Walker (University of Edinburgh):
          ‘Embodiment and Kinesis in The World and the Child


13.00-14.15 Lunch: sandwiches and drinks, served in the foyer of Alan Walters   



Panel 3: Creating/Performing the Body
Sarah Carpenter, Elisabeth Dutton, Pamela M. King, Meg Twycross, and Diana Wyatt:
          Staged Reading: ‘A Disputation Betwix the Body and Worms
Ivan Cutting (Artistic Director, Eastern Angles, Ipswich):
          ‘Medieval Miracles in 2023’
Jeffery Stoyanoff (Penn State, Altoona):
          ‘Patriarchal Bodies in Dux Moraud’ [paper to be delivered online]



The Pilgrimage of the Life of Man:
          Film screening of the Medieval Convent Drama Project’s final production, with coffee and cake.
          Introduced by Elisabeth Dutton, Université de Fribourg.


17.30-18.30 Society AGM for Members:
          a glass of wine will be served at 5.15pm in the foyer of Alan Walters, ready to start at 5.30pm    









for METh 2023 is now open. Use the link in the box at the head of this page.


The deadline for registration is 9th March 2023. We are unable to accept registrations after this date.


The conference fee, which includes lunch, tea and coffee, is £30 for METh Society members, £40 for non-members.


Postgraduates: the first two current postgraduate students to register for the conference will have their fees refunded by METh. If you are a postgraduate student, please email the conference host, Dr Olivia Robinson (, to let her know that you have registered.







will, as usual, take place on the Friday night before the conference (31 March) and the price is not included in the registration fee. More information about venue and price will be circulated nearer the time; for now, please indicate on your registration form if you would, ideally, like to attend.







The conference will be held in the Alan Walters Building G11 on the Edgbaston Campus of the University of Birmingham (B15 2TT; i.e. not in Birmingham city centre).


This is a short (10 minutes) train ride (or a slightly longer bus ride, no. 61 and 63) from the city centre (New Street Station). You can find more information about travel here: edgbaston.aspx.


There is a large taxi rank at New Street, for those thinking of taking a taxi (I’d imagine in the region of £10-15).


There is an app that you can download with a map of Campus: This website also contains an onscreen map (click ‘open fullscreen’).

The Alan Walters building is in the red part of Campus on this map, in the middle on the right as you look at it, behind Muirhead Tower and opposite the Teaching and Learning Building. The University station is in grey, over on the left; it is about a 7-minute walk from the station to the conference room itself. If you come in on the bus from town, it will deposit you on the Bristol road, opposite Sport and Fitness (in orange on the map, bottom right). Likewise, a taxi could drop off here at the main entrance, or up at the North Gate (both of which are about 5 minutes on foot from Alan Walters). Please note that the route from Bristol Road/Sport and Fitness to the main campus gate is (appropriately) up a steep hill. The North East multi-storey Car Park is marked in green, to the right on the map of the Alan Walters Building.






There are many hotels in and around the city centre of Birmingham. If you are considering taking the train, anything around New Street would be convenient. There are also frequent trains from Five Ways station, which has several big hotels within walking distance. Finally, there is a University-owned hotel on Campus called The Edgbaston Park Hotel (website:; very top right of the campus map in green). This is a very short walk directly to the conference venue, so it is the most convenient option. However, it’s not the cheapest. I should also say that Birmingham UCU members are currently (I believe) on a boycott of the EPH because it does not pay all of its staff the living wage. I mention this because some attendees who are fellow UCU members might feel that it is important to take that into account; others, of course, may not wish to, or may have circumstances to consider which override that. Please be reassured that everyone’s accommodation choices will be treated with respect and consideration.





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