23 March 2013


      This year the Medieval English Theatre meeting on Travel will be

  • hosted by Sue Niebrzydowski (s.niebrzydowski@bangor.ac.uk) and Andrew Hiscock (a.hiscock@bangor.ac.uk) at Bangor University;
  • map of the University; the venue for the meeting is at no. 51, Main Arts, Lecture Room 1, first floor.
  • the cost will be £35 including lunch;
  • Sue’s contact details are: e-mail  (s.niebrzydowski@bangor.ac.uk).* telephone 01248 382111 (work).

     In keeping with the theme of travel, we will feature a performance of Everyman by students from the University of Hull,
     under the direction of Philip Crispin.

     Registration Details:

  • Please register by downloading and filling in the Registration form, and sending it with payment (sterling cheque) by post to Dr Sue Niebrzydowski, School of English, Bangor University, Gwynedd, LL57 2DG, by 14 March at the latest. Do not try to fill in the form online.

     Overnight accommodation: there is no accomodation available at the university.
     A list of local hotels and B&Bs is attached to the Registration Form. Some of them can be booked through

     On the Friday evening, we are hoping to arrange the customary dinner.
     Please indicate on the registration form if you would like to join the party. Further information will follow.

     Parking: there is plenty of free car parking outside the Main Arts Building and the Quad behind it after 5pm
     on the Friday evening and all day Saturday. The car park barriers will be up then so delegates can get in.

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