26 March 2011
University of Edinburgh

Texts in Plays

This year the Medieval English Theatre meeting is on Texts in Plays: the use of books, letters, and written material on stage. It aims to look across the range of uses of written and read material in staging medieval drama of all genres. This might include documents associated with play production and their functions, books as physical properties on stage, scenes involving public or private writing or reading, written material as part of visual presentation in plays, processions, and entries, or any other stage use of the written or printed word.

It will be

  • hosted by Sarah Carpenter at The University of Edinburgh;
  • held in the St Trinnean’s Room, St Leonard’s Hall, Pollock Halls, 18 Holyrood Park Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AY;
  • for map, go to http://www.ed.ac.uk/maps and run down the Buildings A-Z list to ‘Pollock Halls of Residence’;
  • the fee will be £40 including lunch.

Sarah’s contact details are: e-mail  sarah.carpenter@ed.ac.uk.*

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Registration Details:
Please register either by

The first two full time registered postgraduate students to apply will have the registration fee reimbursed by Medieval English Theatre.

Overnight accommodation:
A limited number of campus rooms have been reserved for the night of Friday 25 March in Masson House on the Pollock Halls site at the conference rate of £40.00 bed and breakfast:
http://www.edinburghfirst.co.uk/for-accommodation/masson-house-internal. It may be possible to book for the Saturday night as well. These rooms are booked through METh and paid for along with registration, so if you would like one, please contact Sarah as soon as possible to check availability (sarah.carpenter@ed.ac.uk or tel: 0131 650 3608). If you are hoping to use this accommodation it would be best to book as soon as possible.

Other accommodation options can be booked independently through:
http://www.edinburghfirst.co.uk/for-accommodation or http://www.edinburgh.org/accom/.

As usual, we will arrange a dinner (not included in the conference fee) on the Friday evening 25 March. Please indicate on the registration form if you would like to join the party. Further information will follow.

For a paper version of this information, download the Word document attached here.

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