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Common Abbreviations

P ix

Common Abbreviations:

A Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources edited R.E. Latham, D.R. Howlett, and R.K. Ashdowne (British Academy: Oxford, 1975–2013): available via subscribing libraries, or at (search by headword).

Middle English Dictionary: online version - 2001, the Regents of the University of Michigan available via subscribing libraries.

Oxford English Dictionary: online version – 2018 Oxford University Press available via subscribing libraries.

Elisabeth Dutton and Olivia Robinson:
Introduction:Reflections on the Medieval Convent Drama Project

P 6
FN 6

Kristen Hass Curtis website:

P 8
FN 9

Medieval Convent Drama YouTube:

George Gandy:
‘Four Fourteenth–Century Miracle Plays from Mont Saint-Michel’

P 10
FN 2

Eugène de Robillard de Beaurepaire ‘Les Miracles du Mont Saint-Michel, Fragme d’un mystère du XIVᵉ siècle’ Mémoires de la Société d’Archéologie, de littérature sciences et arts d’Avranches, Mortain et Granville 4 (1873) 17–41:;

Aurélie Blanc:
‘Performing Female Authority: Convent Plays and Lay Spectatorship in the Barking Abbey Elevatio and Visitatio Sepulchri Dramatic Ceremonies’

P 52
FN 10

Oxford: University College MS 169. For some images of this MS, see:


P 54
FN 14

Ancrene Wisse edited Robert Hasenfratz (Kalamazoo, Mich.: Medieval Institute Publications, 2000) 203–94

Ancrene Wisse edited Robert Hasenfratz (Kalamazoo, Mich.: Medieval Institute Publications, 2000) ‘Introduction’:

P 55
FN 17

The Ancrene Riwle translated Barry Sharples:


P 56
FN 19

John Mirk Mirk’s Festial: A Collection of Homilies edited Theodor Erbe EETS ES 96 (1905) 149: (Replaces the URL in printed version of METh.)

P 57
FN 23

Sarah Carpenter ‘New Evidence: Vives and Audience Response to Biblical Drama’ METh 31 (2009) 3–12:

P 58
FN 27

Gaffiot sv populus noun 1,2,3, in Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources:


P 58
FN 29

‘The Borough of Barking’ in A History of the County of Essex 10 vols (London: Victoria County History, 1903–2001) 5 235–48:


‘The Ancient Parish of Barking: Abbeys and Churches founded before 1830’ in A History of the County of Essex 10 vols (London: Victoria County History, 1903–2001) 5 222–31:


P 60
FN 34 contd

Ian Vickers ‘Barking Abbey Rental, 1456 — for the north (abridged)’:


Charles Cawley and FMG &lsquo:Lords Montagu’:


‘The Ancient Parish of Barking: Manors’ in VCH: County of Essex 5 190–214 :


‘Dagenham: Introduction and Manors’ in VCH: County of Essex 5 267–81:


P 64
FN 48

‘Houses of Benedictine Nuns: Abbey of Barking’ in County of Essex 2 115–22 at:


‘Religious Houses: Introduction’ in County of Essex 2 84–92 at:–122.


P 65
FN 50

‘Agrarian history, markets and fairs’ in County of Essex 5 214–19 at>:–219.


‘The Ancient Parish of Barking: Introduction’ in County of Essex 5 184–90 at:–219.


P 69
FN 67

‘Houses of Benedictine Monks: Priory of Hatfield Regis or Broadoak’ in County of Essex 2 107–110 at:–110.

‘The Hundred of Becontree’ in County of Essex 5 181–3 at:–110.

‘Houses of Cistercian Monks: The Abbey of Stratford Langthorne’ in County of Essex 2 129–133 at:

‘Houses of Austin Canons: Abbey of Waltham Holy Cross’ in County of Essex 2 166–72 at:

P 70
FN 71

Kew: The National Archives SC 8/335/15842 (petition of Sybil de Felton):

James Stokes:
‘Women in Religious Guilds: Performance and Community in Medieval and Tudor England’

P 91
FN 5

For a great many references to female patronage elsewhere in the kingdom, see REED Patrons and Performances: : (updated from printed text).

Camille Marshall:
‘When in Doubt: Thomas Indie and the mid–sixteenth–century Reception of the Towneley Collection’

P 117
FN 5

Malcolm Parkes, Letter to Alexandra Johnston on the dating of the Towneley MS hand (17 March 2002):

P 126
FN 24

Calvin Commentaires de Iean Calvin sur la Concordance ou Harmonie, composée des trois Euangelistes, ... sur l’Evangile Sainct Iean, & sur ... Les Actes des Apostres (Genève: Michel Blanchier, 1563) 830–43:

E. Lucy Deacon:
Ta˓ziyeh khani in Iranian Communities: Muharram AH 1439 (AD 2017)’

P 148
FN 15

The 570 year-old call of ‘Ya Hosayn!’ from the grand tekiyeh of Baraghan: for 20 November 2016. Warning: you need to be able to read Perso-Arabic script.

P 151
FN 20

Iran’s 2016 population census, an abridged English version of which is available at ‘Census 2016-Detailed Results’ Statistical Center of Iran :

P 151
FN 22

United Nations World Urbanization Prospects: The 2018 Revision (2019) 89:

P 151
FN 23

‘Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Dynamics’ United Nations:

P 153
FN 26

˓Ayin-e ta˓ziyeh khani-ye Qudejan dar faraz o nashib-e tarikh (Qudejan’s ta˓ziyeh ritual through the ups and downs of history) IMNA News Agency, 8 November 2018: In Fars.

P 153
FN 29

Provincial Government of Alborz ‘Detailed results of the population and housing census 1390’, 44: In Fars.

P 154
FN 31

W. Madelung ‘˓ALIDS’ Encyclopaedia Iranica:

P 172
FN 72

Two short video clips from The Martyrdom of ˓Ali Akbar in Armaghankhaneh on the eighth of Muharram, show ˓Ali Akbar being challenged by Ebn Sa˓d, commander of the enemy troops, and are good examples of the antagonists’ rhythmic declamatory style. [NB. The first one is no longer available.]: Unavailable.

P 172
FN 73

Footage from the performance of ˓Abbas Drills ˓Ali Akbar for Battle in Armaghankhaneh on the seventh of Muharram AH 1439 (AD 2017): The character on the sakku who begins to lament during his battle is Umm Laila.

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