Detail from British Library MS Royal 12 E XXV fol. 94

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Philip Butterworth:
‘Pageant Carriage Maintenance at Chester’

P 5
FN 1

See the following URLs for descriptions of Constable’s haywain said to be travelling ‘across the river’:

P 5
FN 2

For an analysis of the painting see :
See also:

P 7
FN 3

For images of the paintings of Myles Birket Foster (1850–1914), put these names into a search engine: ‘Myles Birket Foster/Returning from Market’; ‘Myles Birket Foster/A Peep at the Hounds’. Examples at:       or       and

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P 9
FN 6

P 9
FN 7

Colour photographs of cart-wash ponds at Aldworth, near Fountains Abbey, Yorks, and Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire       [Maximise window for best effect.]

P 9
FN 7

P 18
FN 24

For film of this impressive technique see:       [go to 5.40 to see the process begin] or:      [good close-up detail of the process, but takes real time to play!]      

Tom Pettitt:
'Carnevale in Norwich, 1443: Gladman’s Parade and its Continental Connections'

P 35
FN 1

Tom Pettitt ‘Nuptial Pageantry in Medieval Culture and Folk Custom: in Quest of the English charivari’
Medium Ævum Quotidianum 52 (2005) 89–115

P 39
FN 10

The Records of the City of Norwich edited W. Hudson & J.C. Tingey, 2 vols (Norwich & London:
Jarrold, 1906) 1 345–6;

P 46
FN 30

Norfolk Record Office online Catalogue 9c2: City of Norwich Records, case 9, shelf c, no. 2

P 46
FN 31

Norfolk Record Office online Catalogue 9c3: City of Norwich Records, case 9, shelf c, no. 3

P 46
FN 32

Norfolk Record Office online Catalogue 9c4: City of Norwich Records, case 9, shelf c, no. 4

P 48
FN 37

Syntactic ambiguity

P 51
FN 43

‘Approaching Medieval Disorder: Folk Routes’ in Voix (et voies) du désordre au Moyen-Âge (Paris: Publications de l’Association de Médiévistes Anglicistes de l’Enseignement Supérieur, 2013) 5–49, author’s draft

P 53
FN 47

Kathleen M. Ashley’s ‘Introduction’ to Mankind edited Kathleen M. Ashley and Gerard NeCastro (Kalamazoo: Medieval Institute Publications, 2010)

P 54
Plate 1

Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Combat between Carnival and Lent, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Large image: best to enlarge child window to full size.

P 56
FN 56

Katrien Lichtert ‘The Artist, the City and the Urban Theatre: Pieter Bruegel’s “Battle between Shrovetide
and Lent” Reconsidered’ in Portraits of the City. Representing Urban Space in Later Medieval and
Early Modern Europe
edited Katrien Lichtert and others (Turnhout: Brepols, 2014) 83–97
the_Elders_Battle_between_Shrovetide_and_Lent_1559_Reconsidered (90)

P 57
FN 59

Breviarium Grimani calendar paintings

P 57
FN 60

‘Den vetten Fastelavont met alle syn gasten compt hier bestriden die mager Vasten’: etching with explanatory text. Published 1558 (a year ahead of Bruegel) by Hieronymous Cock

P 58
FN 62

With the same title, but generally assigned to the ‘school’ or ‘circle’ of Bruegel the Younger. Among many variants, see for example Boston Museum of Fine Arts

P 64
FN 84

N. Humburg Städtisches Fastnachtsbrauchtum in West- und Ostfalen. Die Entwicklung vom Mittelalter bis ins 19. Jahrhundert (Münster: Volkskundliche Kommission für Westfalen, 1976)

P 65
FN 88

‘Funeral procession’ of Carnival: for a video of a Sicilian local tradition, see
Video: best to enlarge child window to full size.

P 69
FN 105

Songs of the Months: Antonio Martone ‘Canti popolari di Terra di Lavoro: i Mesi’ Il Sidicino 8 (August 2011)

P 71
FN 111

For an instance of engagement by a local historian see Pasquale Capuano (another fortuitously appropriate name) ‘La cavalcata dei 12 Mesi’ Macerata Campania (n.d.)

P 71
FN 112

Istituto Centrale per la Demoetnoantropologia/Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari(n.d.)

P 72
FN 113

‘Carnevale a Bagnoli del Trigno’

P 72
FN 114

E.g. agnoli del Trigno ‘Il Carnevale dei 12 Mesi’ Isernia Turismo (with a version in English):
‘Carnevale dei mesi dell'anno 2016, Bagnoli Del Trigno Folclore:'anno.html

P 72
FN 115

‘Carnevale in Molise — Carnival in Molise’ (college teaching materials, 2007-8)

P 72
FN 116

Bagnoli del Trigno in Isernia Province (Molise Region), revival of I Mesi tradition
Video: best to enlarge child window to full size.

P 72
FN 117

Well documented in Giovanni Mascia ‘Il Carnevale dei Mesi a Bagnoli del Trigno’ L’Arcoloaio: Rivista Molisana di Tradizioni Populare e Scienze Umane 1 (1996): 9-24

P 72
FN 119

The Italian Folklore Archive’s site at
has some illustrations, but in this instance more informative is ‘Il carnevale di Cercepiccola’ (12 April, 209), on the regional culture site ArcheoMolise (includes full text and transcriptions from local newspaper accounts)

P 73
FN 120

For a popular account see Giuseppe Calascibetta, ‘La tradizione dei Tredici Cavalieri’ I percorsi della cultura (12 Feb., 2013)

P 73

Riesi (Caltanissetta Province) in Sicily, 1992
Video: best to enlarge child window to full size.

P 73

Riesi (1992), individual months (Videos: best to enlarge child window to full size):

      1.   Presenter 0.39
      2.   ‘Cappo d’anno’ 1.45
      3.   February 3.26
      4.   March 4.28
      5.   ‘April’ (female) 5.35
      6.   May 7.08
      7.   ‘June’ 8.20
      8.   ‘July’ 10.31
      9.    ‘August’ 11.43
      10.  ‘September’ 13.08
      11.  ‘October’ 15.03
      12.  ‘November’ 16.50
      13.  ‘December’ 18.22
      14.   January? 20.20

Jamie Beckett:
Pendens super feretrum: Fergus, Aelred, and the York “Funeral of the Virgin”’

P 123
FN 66

See the ‘England’s Medieval Immigrants Project’, managed by the University of York at:

James McBain:
‘George Gascoigne at Oxford’

P 128
FN 13

G.W. Pigman III ‘Gascoigne, George (1534/5?–1577) Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford UP, 2004); online edition (subscription only) May 2010: under ‘Gascoigne, George’.   You may have to access this through your library.

Diana Wyatt:
‘Elizabeth Nevile’s Wedding Entertainments: A Yorkshire Family Celebration in 1526 and its Contexts’

P 141
FN 3

For details of Sir John Nevile’s life and career see The History of Parliament:

P 144
FN 7

A brief account of the Chevet site, now part of Newmillerdam Country Park, can be seen at :

P 145
FN 9

Calendared in Letters and Papers of Henry VIII, Volume 16 (1540–41) 323 #677: viii

P 146
FN 11

Corroborative evidence for that gift is calendared in the Letters and Papers of Henry VIII, Volume 3 (1523) 1316 #3146:17

P 147
FN 12

Calendared in Letters and Papers of Henry VIII Volume 2 (1517) 1510; Revels Accounts #9 vi (1523) 1316 #3146:17

P 147
FN 13

Calendared in Letters and Papers of Henry VIII Volume 2 (1517) 1510; Revels Accounts #9 vi (1523) 1316 #3146:17

P 149
FN 15

Calendared in Letters and Papers of Henry VIII Volume 4 (1526) 838 #1888 (1523) 1316 #3146:17

P 156
Plate 2

York Museums Trust Percy panel

P 157
FN 25

Calendared in Letters and Papers of Henry VIII Volume 16 (1540–41) 440 #903

Peter Happé:
Herod’s Killing of the Children

P 158

Video of the performance in New College Chapel Oxford on 8 February 2017:
Video: best to enlarge child window to full size.

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